What would that look like?

Often times what we believe to be the reality of ourselves — and what we actually do “on the ground” are very different things.

One of the accountability “checks” that I perform upon myself is to ask “What would that look like?”

If I wish to be a humble servant to my church and community — “What would that look like?”    If I was being watched in these endeavors by an outside observer — would that observer describe me as “a humble servant to his church and community?”    Or, would that observer describe me as self-absorbed and inattentive to others?    Or, maybe they would observe me as someone that arranges things and uses people for his own prominent position or elevation.

When I consider this question honestly (honesty with self is the most difficult sort) — I sometimes find that my posture and actions have betrayed my intent.  My human is showing.

Most everything we are asked to do as Christian Leaders in antithetical to our natural human inclination.  I would encourage the “What would that look like” question for anyone that wishes to challenge themselves to ever-greater inward honesty and clarity.


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