God Loves Us!

Originally written for the November 2009 Church Newsletter for Westminster Presbyterian Church, Waterloo, IA while serving as their Interim Music Director.

Grace is an amazing thing!  Despite all of our shortcomings, God loves us.  He looks past our failings and sees our heart — pure or not — and then simply loves us.

Recently I had one of “those” mornings.  We were running late – as usual – and the kids had pushed me over the brink.  I was so upset with their behavior, and general disrespectful treatment of me as well as each other.  We spent the entire trip to school with me lecturing them on such things.

During that same day I spent the rest of the day regretting that we had “parted” on such a negative tone.  I love them SO much, and they must have felt terrible as they entered the school for the day.   By the time they returned home on the bus later that day, I was waiting and looking forward to seeing them again.  As they arrived home, all was forgiven — I was just so thrilled to have them home and back in my embrace.

God’s relationship with us is often characterized as that of a Parent/child relationship.  He loves us just as we love our children — but, much more so.  We live a life of frequent failures, and fail to live-up to our Christian (Christ-like) moniker on a regular basis.

Yet, he’s always there.  Anxious – waiting – desiring – anticipating our return, and relishing the opportunity of his embrace.

What grace!  Indeed, “Grace greater than all our sins!”

On the 15th of this month the choir and orchestra will be presenting a musical that celebrates this grace.  The simple fact that he loves us – despite where we came from; despite our actions of today or yesterday, and despite our ongoing history of shortcomings.  He loves us!  Hallelujah!

Come and celebrate with us on Nov. 15th.  Relish in God’s forgiveness, experience his grace-filled embrace, and lose yourself in his love.  We will be presenting this musical at a single 9:30am service, and then again at 6:00pm.  Bring your friends and family, and share the message.

Jesus loves me, this I know — for the Bible tells me so.

It’s true!


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