Let go, and Let God!

Originally written for the October 2009 Newsletter at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Waterloo,  IA  while serving as their Interim Music Director.

Our music program is well underway for this year.  I am so grateful for the many participants and volunteer leaders and helpers that make this extensive program possible.

Recently a choir member shared with me that they didn’t think they could do church music leadership, as they would be constantly worried about numbers – and how many would show-up each week — and whether that would be sufficient to meet the demands of the week.

I must admit, that in my early days of music leadership (longer ago than I’ll admit), this type of weekly worrying and stressing was common.  And, even today, it is difficult to avoid.  We are – after all – human, and we want the events and programs that we “lead” to be successful — or, at least appear to be.

But, God doesn’t ask us to “be successful.”  He simply asks us to serve.

When you consider your leadership role from this perspective, it changes completely.   Your objective and purpose is NOT a “successful program” by human evaluation.  But, rather, “humble service” by God’s evaluation.

Accordingly, as leaders within the church — whatever that might be — we need to focus NOT on the human perspectives of size, scope, and achievement.  But, instead focus on the heart of our service.

If we are truly humble servants – putting in our best effort to further the work of God and his church – setting aside our own agendas in the process – then what have we to worry about?  Humble submission carries with it the need to let go.  We need to have faith that God will achieve HIS objectives through our service.  He can do that – so long as our own ego doesn’t obstruct it.

So, in the areas of your leadership, ensure that your service is heartfelt, earnest, and empty of self.  Adopt an attitude of gratitude – in all things.

Then, let go and let God.  You’ll be amazed at what he can do when human egos and agendas are set aside.


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