Caught being a Dad

The road between our place and La Porte City is being reconstructed. It is actually being rerouted slightly, so the new construction work is occurring mostly alongside the existing roadway. And, new bridges are being constructed to cross the stream and the river.

We travel this stretch of road frequently. Usually multiple times per day. We have enjoyed watching as progress occurs over time.

My sons have each shown some interest in engineering, so whenever we pass by I try to point-out some aspect of the project that required engineering — and to illustrate over time that virtually every aspect of the project is pre-planned by an engineer.

One day we passed by during early evening.   It was after-hours and all of the equipment sat silent. As we approached I saw a small truck and a man with a long “measuring” device active in a lower area. I took the opportunity to point out that it appeared that the project engineer was there checking to make sure that everything was as it should be — verifying the work of the contractor.

My son – being seated on the closer side of the vehicle, and having opportunity to look more closely, simply replied “He’s fishing dad.”

I was caught.

Caught being a dad.   Caught trying to turn every opportunity into life inspiration

He saw me now as I was.

He saw that I tried.

He saw that I reached.

He saw that I cared.

He saw that I loved.

He thought it was funny.

I’m fine with that.


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