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Moving Moral Fences

As I served a stint as interim choir director, I was considering a new anthem entitled “Almighty, unchangeable God.”  I was reminded of the complete immovability of God.

We recognize and celebrate this attribute in our music – with hymns like “Great is thy Faithfulness” and “Almighty Fortress” and countless others.

In our modern society – however – the stability of our own spiritual references are frequently challenged. Our position must change with the times we are told. Unlike our Almighty and unchangeable God, we are expected to move our fences in light of new “enlightenment.”  And, most of us do periodically make an adjustment in the placement of our moral boundaries.

But, does such a move place our moral fence nearer to God?

He’s not moving.  WE are!

Are we moving nearer?

Whatever the issue, God is standing exactly where he was yesterday, a year ago, a century ago — FOREVER Ago. His fence has never moved.

The question is really; are we moving nearer?

How long do you consider whether your move places your fence “nearer” to His.  And, then also — how much space still exists between them?

The next time you are being challenged to “move the moral fence,” consider carefully whether you are reducing the space between yours and God’s.


American Greatness — still?

USA — we were not made great by our resentment of each other.

Our greatness was derived from our desire to prosper as others. We admired achievement, we upheld it, and each desired it and sought it for themselves.

It was the great dream of America – that each from their own toil – could be as they willed.


A guarantee of equal opportunity.   Not equal outcome.   But, that was the point really — success or not, you were making your own life.

We – collectively – embraced that each could excel and enjoy! And, we could do it together – alongside each other. Never did we think that we must first tear-down another that we might achieve. It never occurred to us. For we knew that such would simply deprive both.

We are a different country now. Resenting the success of our neighbor has become the standard of the day. It will ultimately deprive all.