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The G in GP

TheGFor the past nine years I have had a leadership role within the US First robotics programs at our local school system.

One of the guiding principles of this program is a concept called “gracious professionalism” — or, what they simply refer to as GP.  This is an Excellent, EXCELLENT! concept — which I think teams, students, and leaders wrestle with on a daily basis.

Most students, coaches, and mentors see graciousness in “external” terms;  facing outward to the teams of other schools, etc. But, I think the real difficulty, and perhaps more important realization of being gracious lies closer to home; being gracious to fellow team members, and to other teams and programs within the home organization.

This difficulty is seen within organizations of all types — workplaces, sports teams, families, etc.   “Professionalism” is easy. But, we find it very difficult to be gracious within the context of those closest to us.

What is graciousness actually?   And, what does living it look like?   Continue reading


Political Pulpit – Our Altars in Crisis

During times of crisis each of us runs to the altar that forms our spiritual existence.   It is the place the defines our thoughts and actions, and provides our solace in times of tumult and confusion.

In the recent few weeks we’ve had a good share of such difficult events.  At what altar did you abide?

For far too many in the Christian church Continue reading