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Empty Freezer

Some time ago we returned from a camping trip to discover that our freezer wasn’t working — and hadn’t been for some days.

We had purchased the large chest-style freezer only a couple of months prior, and due to the cord and outlet placement, had to use an extension cord to power the unit. This “temporary” arrangement had – by it’s working state — become semi-permanent.

At some point during our absence  the cord had failed — the freezer lost connection with it’s power source, and now we had a mess on our hands. And, it didn’t smell very good either.

I set-out to cleanup the mess.    First garbage bags filled with spoiled product were placed in the outside garbage cans.   Then, the cleaning and sterilizing began.

As I was standing on my head trying to reach the far bottom corners of the freezer, I was reminded of God’s desire for us.

It is his desire that we remain connected to him.   Close to him.   In communion with him.   When we do so, our lives are less stressed, flow easier, smoother, happier — and we have a positive impact on those around us.

When that connection is broken — then, we start to lose our way, and the things that comprise us start to spoil and to taint our soul, our perspective, our desires, and our interactions — and to embolden our pride.

Now as I cleaned the re-connected freezer — it was gleaming!  It was restored, refreshed, and renewed.   It seemed eager to return to it’s intended function — and begged to be reloaded with product for it’s proper care.

If only we could more effectively empty ourselves of our many prideful obsorbtions.  Our desire for things.   Our need for success.   Our want to be accepted, and the need to prove.  All the prideful human spoilings that so taint our lives and disrupt our service.

Let’s present ourselves as clean and empty — and connected servants.   Let Him fill us with his love, and his desires, and his hopes for us.    And, then let our faithful and enduring service for his glory begin.

We must remain “connected” custodians of his investment.

Clean out!

Plug in!